Level 60 Moonlord Guide [T4] PvP/PvE Guide

Moonlord fight from a distance as most of their skills are ranged and their skills are very flashy. He is more agile and mobile then his counterpart the Gladiator as he can cast skills and move to attack from another direction. Magic Damage is always one stat you would need to aim as your weapons are not made to add Magic Attack and the swords are always made for the Physical Damage to be higher just like the Longbow and Crossbow for Bow masters.

Paralyze is one of the few stats you want to take note of as most of your skills can stagger and flinch opponents easily having more of this stat is better but there is no need to find heraldry plates that have this stat.

His weapon of choice is the sword.


  • Has some super armor breaking skills.
  • His buffs can help in raids and dungeons as he can increase damage dealt on the opponent.
  • Very mobile and has skill that removes debuffs.
  • Highlander can save your allies in raids.
  • His ranged skills allow him to deal damage without going near.


  • You will need to forgo critical to allow your magic damage to get higher.
  • Swords are not naturally added for Magic Damage and your Physical Damage would be higher.

The skill build is just here to guide you and can be changed to your preference. This skill build is purely built to my way of playing. I would be noting at the skill descriptions to show which skills could be changed if you would not want to add the skills. So enjoy!

The build would be written and explained in the context of a hybrid build (Semi-survivable ), No Parry, Pure PvE and PvP build are attached below.

Warrior Skills

Impact_Punch   Impact Punch – Level 1. This skill is just for utility and can be left at pre-requisite. This skill is also good for chaining skills together. You can use this skill to hit opponents if they are in mid air.

Heavy_Slash   Heavy Slash – Level 1. Left at pre-requisite. It’s not really needed at high levels.

Impact_Wave   Level 1. Not needed as this skill is utilized for the magic side of the Warrior.

Rising_Slash   Rising Slash – Level 6. At level 6 the skill can be chained to 2 slashes in the air. So it’s a useful one at level 6.

Destructive_Swing   Circle Break – Level 1. For the super armor breaking capabilities and in dungeons or PvP you can lift opponents up into the air.

Tumble   Tumble – Level 5. The lower the cool down of this skill the better it is as this is the main skill you need to activate the Dash skill.

Surprise_Attack   Wake Attack – Level 1. For pushing enemies away if you are knocked down.

Aerial_Evasion   Aerial Evasion – Level 4. Max for the cool down reduction.

Dash   Dash – Level 5. One of the best skill for being a Warrior. In terms of movement you can run very fast but be sure to take notice in Ladder this can be the very killer skill that drains your mana too.

*In PvP if you are cursed do not Dash as it can kill you every second. I PvPed a Warrior with my Soul Eater and the Warrior died while dashing away from me just because he was cursed. 

Dash_Kick   Dash Kick – Not a skill that is needed as when you become a mercenary there would be another skill for you to combo with Dash.

Elbow_Drop   Elbow Drop – Left at pre-requisite.

Side_Kick   Side Kick – Level 1. For a kick to your opponent.

Sweeping_Kick   Sweeping Kick – Level 1. For the extra kick.

Dropkick   Drop Kick – Level 1. It’s sometimes useful in PvP but you can opt to get it or allocate this 1 SP into other skill points.

Soccer_Kick   Soccer Kick – Level 1. It is a skill to unlock a combo when you advance as a Mercenary.

Lifesaver   Highlander – Level 1. This skill would be one of your best skill which parties would accept you in raids. As this skill when activated, allies and you would be given 1 minute for the buff. If your HP hits 1 during the buff, you are invulnerable and need to be healed before that invincibility period (15 seconds) is up.

Brush_Off   Relieve – Level 3. This skill allows you to remove 2 debuffs at level 3. Though note that cool down in PvP does not decrease unlike in PvE. Only for PvE builds would you need to level it to level 4.

*Skills like Glacial Wave, Time Stop can be removed irregardless of whatever position your are stopped in. Poison, burn, curse and slow effects can like wise be removed too.

Health_Bolster   HP Mastery – Level 5. Maxed for the extra HP.

Mental_Fortitude   MP Mastery – Level 4. For the extra MP.

Attuned_Mind   Mental Training – Level 4. You need as much MP recovery regardless of PvE or PvP.

Moonlord Skills

Moonlight_Splitter   Moonlight Splitter – Level 11. This skill can trap your opponents temporarily if they are hit by it. It can be spammable in PvP/PvE as it has a short cool down. Opponents/mobs can be staggered by this skill.

Cyclone_Slash   Cyclone Slash – Level 6. Its a great skill to trap opponents in the tornado while you dish other damage out. You can choose to either level this skill higher and remove the Gladiator Skills to increase its level (Front Shove and Triple Slash).

*Remember not to push your opponent/mob out of the tornado with your skills. Throw Moonlight Splitter, Moonblade Dance or Crescent Cleave into the tornado to combo.

Crescent_Cleave   Crescent Cleave – Level 11. At level 6 this skill can produce from 3 waves to 5 waves. The damage is dealt simultaneously and passes through you. As it passes through you it is said that the damage gets more and more pain. This skill is best used on big bosses as they have a bigger surface area for the waves to pass through.

Halfmoon_Slash   Half Moon Slash – Level 10. This skill has very high damage if leveled up high and can actually stagger opponents/mobs. A Speed Animation plate would be a better choice to make the skill cast even faster.

Blade_Storm   Great Wave – The AoE of this skill is big and it produces 3 waves and one big moon wave at the end. Though the damage on the board reflects that the Gladiator’s ultimate “Infinity Edge” has a bigger damage dealt but you need to make all hits count. For Great Wave, per hit is 695% +9719. With 4 hits you can gain up to 2780% +38876 and all hits can be dealt if they are trapped within the skill.

*If you are trapped in this skill, the only time best to escape from it is the last wave up then Aerial Evade or you will get out of it. 

Gladiator Skills

Triple_Slash   Triple Slash – Level 1. It flinches the opponents when they get caught in the skill. They cannot cast any skill until the skill is cast finished.

Forward_Thrust   Front Shove – Level 1. This skill has a invincible frame, the moving back action would make you invincible until you dash forward. It would flinch the enemy. This skill is mostly for the emergency invincible frame.

Hacking_Stance   Hacking Stance – This skill can make you hack at your opponent for 6 seconds trapping them. Do note if your opponent is very mobile it might be hard to catch them as your mobility will be significantly reduced unless you have the EX version of this skill.

*For PvP, if your opponent is on the floor it is not recommended to cast Hacking Stance as the Wake Attack can break the super armor of this kill canceling it. 

Frenzied_Charge   Line Drive – You are able to waste the Aerial Evasion of the opponent and dash for a distance of 10m.

Infinity_Edge   Infinity Edge – There is no need for this skill as it takes the physical side of the warrior and it’s hard to get every single hit on your opponent. 

Passive, Buffs

Dash_Slash   Dash Slash – Level 1. For utility and the skill can be used to open up attacks.

Dash_Combo   Dash Combo – Level 1. Can be combo-ed after using Dash Slash.

Aerial_Combo   Aerial Combo – Level 1. Good skill to pair it with Dash Slash. and to lift your opponents into the air.

Counter_Cross   Counter Exile – Level 1. It’s a great skill to evade if you have been hit into the air.

Eclipse   Eclipse – Level 6. This is a good skill to flinch enemies, it can also break super armor of your opponents/mobs.

Courageous_Shout   Brave – Level 7. This skill can flinch opponents for awhile before they recover. It would reduce thier super armor and increase your attack for a brief duration.

Luring_Slice   Provoking Slam – Level 7. This is a good debuff on your opponents as your damage can be increased on them.

Parry   Parrying – Level 3. It allows you to reflect damage at a real small percentage but can save your life at times. You can remove 1 SP from here and give it to Parrying if you want.

Parry_Stance   Parrying Stance – Level 4. This skill can make you invincible for 18 seconds in PvE and 6 seconds in PvP. The parrying rate is almost 80% but most attacks can be blocked off.

*Although your attacks are blocked but you take no damage from your opponent you are still not immune to elemental attacks, you can still be cursed by skills and burned by fire skills. 

Counterslash   Counter Slash – Not really needed as this skill can only be activated if you have successfully parried an attack and you have to be very observant to see the animation and hear the block.

Moonlord Skills

Moon_Blade_Dance   Moonblade Dance – Level 6. This skill is very useful and can evade easily if you want to counter some skills. You would produce 5 diagonal crosses to your opponents and deal damage to them and you can change direction in the air.

Flash_Stance   Flash Stance – Level 4. This skill can deal massive damage if cast correctly at the right time. It would stagger the opponent/mob and can last for 7 seconds. You have to cast correctly as the opponent can still run towards you and “Special Attack Button” to cancel the whole skill.

Moonlight Splitter EX – Level 1. The Moonlight Splitter is enhanced and it will sort of hang around you binding you if you are trapped in it.

Cyclone Slash EX – Level 1. The size and the duration of the cyclone has been enhanced and that the damage given as the EX would make it a better skill.

Crescent Cleave EX – Level 1. The waves are enhanced and an extra 2 waves can be produced if you press the “Normal Attack Button” the extra waves can lift the enemy up into the air.

Hybrid (Semi-survivable) Skill Build

Moonlord Level 60 Skill Build 1  Moonlord Level 60 Skill Build 2 Parry BuildMoonlord Level 60 Skill Build 3

Hybrid No Parry Skill Build

Changes Made:

  • The parrying skills are removed and the SP are allocated into Moonlord skills to make the damage of the skills more higher.
  • MP Mastery is at level 4.

Moonlord Level 60 Skill Build 1 Moonlord Level 60 Skill Build 2 Moonlord Level 60 Skill Build 3

Pure PvP Skill Build

Changes Made:

  • Note that this skill would really depend on your game play. For me I find this build is good for me.
  • MP Mastery is at level 4.
  • Hacking Stance is at level 6. The skill is really good as your opponent is unable to escape out of it if the skill is cast.
  • Line Drive is at level 1 to close the distance if needed.
  • Eclipse is at level 1 just to flinch your opponents.
  • If you want Hacking Stance just for utility then you can exchange the SP into Eclipse.

 Moonlord Level 60 Pure PvP Skill Build 1 Moonlord Level 60 Pure PvP Skill Build 2Moonlord Level 60 Pure PvP Skill Build 3

Pure PvE Skill Build

Changes Made:

  • Rising Slash is at level 1 to combo with other Sword Master skills.
  • Circle Break is at level 6 to allow easier crowd control.
  • Level 3 for MP Mastery as the other SP is needed to add other skill.
  • Relieve is at level 4 for the extra cool down decrease.
  • Most of the skills are maxed and the last SP can be either in Cyclone Slash or Crescent Cleave depending on your skill choice.
  • I find Cyclone Slash more better in terms of DPS then Crescent Cleave.

 Moonlord Level 60 Pure PvE Skill Build 1Moonlord Level 60 Pure PvE Skill Build 2Moonlord Level 60 Pure PvE Skill Build 3

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  1. for the record Gladiators are more mobile than moonlords

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