[Updated] 70 Cap in DragonNest SEA

Weekyl Update Pic

As we know that DNSEA has been constantly updating the content every single month which was a big difference from the 50 cap in which we only had major content added to our server every few months. That whole content took 1 year to be implemented before we went on to the 60 cap. As the 60 cap took about one year to be implemented into CDN and KDN loads of stuff were removed and they had also took the time to update.

Once in the 70 cap it was different ever since the release in June we have been seeing almost 5 months worth of continuous update that is implemented in the 70 cap. DNsea could be taking the route of this since maybe they found a better translator and developers to make our version of DNsea even better and faster. Judging by the amount of content we left to level 70 its just about 2-3 months away.

Loads of people in the forums have said and this is roughly the timeline that will be for the remaining content.

November: DDN memorial + Alteria exploration part 1
December: DDN HC + Alteria exploration part 2
January: Jasmine Base Nest + Talismans

February: Level 70 cap
March: Assassin with both sub class. 

I have seen a lot of people looking at this post for today and I just realized I have left out the Talisman content which is a big blunder. I am so sorry! Jasmine Base Nest should be released together with the talismans content similar to what CDN had received as the last level 60 cap content. Meaning the level 70 cap could actually be pushed back a month since with the talisman and the nest itself can at least serve as a month’s worth of content. 

I can see that loads of people do not know about Jasmin Base Nest since it also does not have much popularity in CDN and KDN that usually people will leave it out but CC could even make it extend by a month by allowing the Nest to be in January pushing the level 70 cap by a month.

Also note that it’s quite impossible to even release Assassin early since his skill damage and stuff should be only calculated based on the Dragon Jades and not suffix or potentials. I doubt developers will also recalculate them using suffix or potentials. But also due to the worthlessness of all this pots and materials coming to an end it’s best to quickly sell off materials soon.


Saw this in the forums but the link was taken down after it was posted. Doing this kind of confirmation is detrimental to DN’s economy since people will stop farming and prices in the DN economy will have a potential to crash. So it’s no surprise that the link would be removed ASAP.

Happy Gaming~!

36 Responses to [Updated] 70 Cap in DragonNest SEA

  1. EmiliaSeng says:

    Assassin class with both sub class?

  2. EmiliaSeng says:

    And is this real? XD

  3. Senseirain says:


    • A.Tempest says:

      You can say it sucks big time but it’s the only server besides DN NA that is in english and is doing so good as a server. Yes they have faults where they eat more of our money but too bad that’s the price we pay if we want faster update and more content monthly.

    • tobsalbert@yahoo.com says:

      :D hi hater

  4. yehey :) assassin 2nd sub class healer summoner

  5. Cem says:

    Hello there, this is the original poster of the topic in forum. The source claims the said dates if everything goes smoothly”. You make me look like a villain or something. Additionally, the link is still very much alive. Please don’t lie to your readers.

    • A.Tempest says:

      Could you like double check it again? It’s still dead at my end when I click that original link in your post. I would want to see that original source too if I could but apparently I can’t. So yeah do check it again please. I don’t lie to my readers.

      I am not making you look like a villain at all. What I meant was if the source had really did this kind of confirmation it would be detrimental to the economy of DNSEA. I have never implied that you as the topic starter was spreading false rumors. I just merely mentioned that if the post was dead it could have meant that CC had ask them to pull the link down or something.


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  7. joshjay says:

    well this is obviously wrong,

    • A.Tempest says:

      I never said it was accurate it’s only speculation so technically it’s not wrong. You can choose to believe it or not.

      • joshjay says:

        Well if you think about it they could easily release both alteria exploration in one patch, since alteria exploration can’t make even a quarter of a months worth of update. Im sure we will skip straifht to alteria exploration 3 whoch is being released in klrea this month.

      • A.Tempest says:

        The Alteria Exploration 1 & 2 can’t be released together. Because they still give the same items. Just that they were released in seperate months, making them named as seasons. I doubt they will release Season 3 immediately. I rmb that season 3 level 70 stuff would be stuff that shldnt be released once we change a cap it would unbalance the game. But it’s still CC we are talking here.

        Why I made this prediction was cause CDN had only released DDN HC and the ladder weapons and some other stuff and that was all. Then only few months later Jasmine’s Base and Talisman. Making them seperate contents.

        Nobody knows what is going to happen in Jan. Since there is still no teasing about the 70 cap we only have to wait what’s going to be updated on the 2nd week of Jan.

  8. concon says:

    so as of now since DNSEA already announced the DDN HC, most probably all speculations here will happen.. cant wait :)

  9. joshjay says:

    You really think we will be getting both alteria exploration one after another? It really can’t make a months worth of update and since they can’t be released together, I’m sure it will either be released with the 70 cap, I mean, what else would be released in January apart from that? That said, if they truly give the same items then I’m sure season 1 will be skipped.

    • A.Tempest says:

      Doubt we will get 2 seasons of the exploration I guess. The 70 cap coming at Jan just makes me feel it’s too quick though I want the 70 cap to come too. Even CDN and KDN had 1 month of minor updates before the 70 cap.

      • joshjay says:

        I feel the complete opposite way though, I’m mainly looking forward to playing the Assassin class, but without the 70 cap we cant really use Assassin unless they release dragon jade system like they did with the european server, i think it would be a good idea to release Assassin first since it will give us Assassin users to catch up to everyone else and gather up our DDN base gear. Although we obviously need the 2nd Assassin base class first. Really i want Assassin sooner than later, IMHO Assassin is the most fun class in the game (Tried it in CDN). Everything lies on CC’s hands to be honest, we will just have to wait and see, the chances are we will either get alteria exploration, 70 cap, dragon jade with both assassin paths which is highly unlikely T_T

      • A.Tempest says:

        Same. I have also tried the Chaser. Though I don’t really like his skills but he is still a good class. I am interested in the Bringer class.

        If DNSEA breaks away from tradition, Assassin was released 3 months after the opening of the 70 cap. But cos the Bringer content shld have been translated to English already. So releasing it with the 70 cap could also be a possibility.

  10. hansome boy says:

    i hate lv70 cap -_-

  11. joshjay says:

    Yup, 70 cap just confirmed by Addisson Kang, guess i wont be able to play DN till March…

  12. awwman says:

    =( looks like Assassin won’t be coming next month, since they didn’t release 70 cap nests, this is seriously upsetting to see that “the 2 major updates everyone has been asking for” was 70 cap and then the 2 nests. Dragon nest Sea is really annoying me =/

    • A.Tempest says:

      I know it’s frustrating but think about CDN and KDN players they had to wait almost 3 months before playin Chaser and 6 months before playing Bringer. Just be glad they are releasing both jobs at the same time. Next month we would prolly get both nests and some content and then in April we would receive both Assassins and I am guessing Guild War.

      • awwman says:

        Slready promised myself i won’t be rejoining till Assassin comes thats why its quite frustrating. Not enjoying the other classes, the only class i enjoyed playing is Assassin in the CDN server… The thing that i don’t get is addisson kang said 2 major updates that everyone has been asking for.

        Sigh, saw this one coming anyway…

      • A.Tempest says:

        For me there is still leveling of my Smasher, Soul Eater and Elestra. The 70 cap is really a big update. To players it may not seem that way but it’s truly a big one. The change of Saint Haven and the Dragon jade system how much coding is done to achieve that? The implementation of 5 new dungeons.

        Players don’t see how major patches are because to us we only see it takes a few hours to add it in. Behind the scenes are already major enough to kill developers to make this content. I actually happy that we had the nests released separately. If not it’s going to be another fast cap again and players will complain once more that it’s too fast. ==

      • awwman says:

        Another thing that annoys me is everyone will be gearing up with 70 gear whilst us Assassins are left behind from level 1… It’s hard enough to get to 70 as it is…

      • A.Tempest says:

        Not really. 70 gear are only available in the new nests. So the tough part is just leveling him to 70. Farming that 60 gear to grind to 70 would be hard though.

        All classes can only start farming gear next month as there are no normal 70 epic gear like the previous caps as it took too much data. That’s why I guess the devs removed it.

  13. awwman says:

    Yeah I meant when we receive the actually nests.

    Who knows we might (hopefully) get Assassin next month, one can only hope!

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