[Full Skill Description] Assassin: Bringer


– Bringer is the guide of light and darkness. He has 2 faces, light and dark.
– Light Fury, proficient in the use of the inner good’s power. Judges enemies with the powers of light and fury. Light Fury uses Light based attacks.
– Abyss Walker, proficient in the use of the inner darkness’ power. The conqueror of the abyss who inflicts pain to his enemies. Abyss Walker are using Dark based attacks.

From Halfsugar the Bringer class is similar to the Screamers, Light Fury is very PvE based and Abyss Walker is very PvP based like the Dark Summoner.

Bringer’s use a mechanism called the Dark Burn. The dark burn status will be inflicted to enemies when they are attacked by skills from the Abyss Walker side. In PvE the burn will inflict 30% of the final damage and in PvP 10% of it.

Skill names are using Taiwan server’s data so it may change in DNSEA or CDN.

Edited Bringer Pic

Skill Names:

Bringer Skills:

173841bd61va11xcmx4brd   Chakra Cure 
Use chakras to debuff allies.
Maximum only up to 10 debuffs removed.

Level 1: 60 seconds cool down
Level 1: 35 seconds cool down
Level 1: 15 seconds cool down
Level 1: 10 seconds cool down (Skill ring needed)
Chakra Cure

173842arig0hssmzqqk9pq   Illusion of Chakra
Uses the power of chakra to move forward quickly. There are a few ways to use the skill.

Normal Attack Button: Stops and attacks enemies, unleashes 100% physical attack.
Special Attack Button: Jumps.
Shift + direction (Tumble): Disappears for awhile and reappear in the pressed direction.
Space bar: Moves backwards.

When enemies are attacked using this skill, it will leave a mark on them for 20 seconds.
Summoned AIs and Clones will attack the marked target.

Level 1: 30 seconds cool down
Level 1: 20 seconds cool down
Level 1: 12 seconds cool down
Level 1: 10 seconds cool down (Skill ring needed)
Illusion of Chakra

173857hmy6mvke7700vldv   Ring of Chakra (30 seconds cool down)
Creates a chakra tunnel in front while inside the tunnel,  movement speed increases by 50%, damage taken in the tunnel reduced.

Last for 10 seconds.
Movement Speed 50%.
Damage reduced according to level.

Level 1: Reduces damage in tunnel for 10%
Level 6: Reduces damage in tunnel for 15%
Level 11: Reduces damage in tunnel for 20%
Level 16: Reduces damage in tunnel for 25%
Ring of Chakra

173857v1y31gg5nusopug3   Summon Shadow (30 seconds cool down)
Clones own self. Clones will utilize a portion of player’s skills then disappear.

Level 1: Physical Attack 150% Lasts for 10 seconds. 2 clones.
Level 11: Physical Attack 200%. Lasts for 15 seconds. 2 clones.
Summon Shadow

173844jfmjzlss9s6csl8b   Healing of Ajna (60 seconds cool down)
Summons a Rabbit Ninja. Rabbit Ninja will allow you to heal a portion of HP.

Every 2 seconds HP will be recovered.
Last for 10 seconds.
Summoned AI has a global cool down of 5 seconds.

Level 1: Every 2 seconds 0.648% HP
Level 6: Every 2 seconds 1.248% HP

173843l4n46v6jkdnovndl   Bless of Ajna (30 seconds cool down)
Summons a Bear Ninja. Bear Ninja increases user’s light and dark attack.
As long as the bear doesn’t die the buff will be active.
Summoned AI has a global cool down of 5 seconds.

Level 1: Light Attack +4%, Dark Attack +8%.
Level 6: Light Attack +14%, Dark Attack +28%.
Level 7: Light Attack +16%, Dark Attack +32%. (Skill ring needed)

173843ldcd17qdr27q5r72   Pact of Ajna (30 seconds cool down)
Summons a Cat Ninja. Cat Ninja will help the summoner to attack enemies.
Dark Element
Summoned AI has a global cool down of 5 seconds.

Level 1: 443%+637
Level 6: 549%+1095


Light Fury Skill Tree

Outbreak   Outbreak (9 seconds cool down)
Rush forward attack enemies. When rushing forward press [Special Attack button] to knock enemies down onto the ground. When landing additional 50% damage is dealt.

Light Element
Level 1: 407%+85
Level 6: 484%+980
Level 11: 561%+11620
Level 16: 638%+24835

173855oh9vvr08szmeu06x   Chakra of Energy (15 seconds cool down)
After gathering chakra, releases the chakra energy to surroundings.
The chakra will heal own self and the 2 party members with the lowest HP.
Members that cannot be healed will be ignored.

Level 1: 5.4%
Level 11: 14.4%
Level 16: 18.9%
Level 18: 20.7% (Skill ring needed)
Chakra of Energy

173855nqddu1xnnxdxndn1   Healing of Chakra (10 seconds cool down)
Meditates and levitates to support teammates.
Shoots out a pulse of Chakra to heal teammates HP and MP.
As time passes, the frequency between pulses increases.
Increasing the attack of nearby teammates for 2 seconds.

Pressing [Special Attack Button] while casting will tumble backwards and cancel the skill.

Level 1: 1.1% HP 5.4% MP Increase 25.2% attack.
Level 11: 2.9% HP 14.4% MP Increase 43.5.2% attack.
Level 14: 3.4% HP 17.1% MP Increase 48.6% attack. (Skill ring needed)
Healing of Chakra

Ringstrike   Ring Strike (25 seconds cool down)

Instantly flies into the air, creates a chakra ring below the caster. Chakra ring spins and attacks nearby enemies. The caster and the ring slowly falls back down. Enemies hit by the ring are damaged and knocked down.
Press “Space bar” during the skill to cancel and land.

Light Elemental
Level 1: Every hit 122%+399
Level 6: Every hit 153%+4447
Level 11: Every hit 184%+10029
Level 16: Every hit 214%+17834
Ring Strike

173836qykbf5zefqcnpoa9   Ring of Energy [Level 40 Ultimate] (120 seconds cool down)
Charges a chakra in the hand to either attack mobs or protect allies.
Normal Attack Button: Creates an area that protects allies, 70% physical/magical damage reduction. Removes 10 debuffs.
Special Attack Button: Fires the chakra allowing it to explode.

Light Elemental
Level 1: 2427%+8105
Level 2: 2494%+34145
Ring of Energy


Abyss Walker Skill Tree

173838ggo62mt23uopp93w   Illusion Strike (9 seconds)
Strike enemies with knives from the abyss. Inflict “Dark Burn” status when hit by the skill.

Dark Burn inflicts 30% of the damage.
Burn lasts for 10 seconds.

Dark Elemental
Level 1 Every knife 22%+5
Level 6 Every knife 26%+66
Level 11 Every knife 30%+752
Level 16 Every knife 34%+1662 

A total of 19 knives can be released.
Level 16 full board damage: 646%+31578

Halfsugar notes that although in PvE the damage is not great but for PvP the board damage does not change but the end damage changes making it a very high damage skill. The super armor breakage for this skill is really high.
(It should be nerfed next month.)

173836kjja61jxza99c1za   Night Explosion (12 seconds)
Summons a magic circle in the front then explodes. Inflicts “Dark Burn” status when hit by skill.

Dark Burn inflicts 30% of the damage.
Burn lasts for 10 seconds.

Dark Elemental
Level 1: 469%+169
Level 6: 546%+3075
Level 11: 622%+15743
Level 16:699%+29775
Night Explosion

Spectral Guise   Spectral Gaze (20 seconds cool down)
Summons knives from the abyss to attack and float enemies.

Dark Elemental
Level 1: 277%+972
Level 11: 402%+27040
Spectral gaze

173838cm8qz3z98df887f3   Shadow Focus (Cool down 18 seconds)
Lower your eyesight to see into the abyss and attack enemies.
Target infected with “Dark Burn” status, frontal explosion will be inflicted, rendering them blind for a few seconds.
Adds additional final 5% damage for Dark Burn.

Dark Elemental
Level 1: 477%+683
Level 6: 553%+8424
Level 11: 630%+19871
Level 15: 655%+28410
Level 16: 706%+36385 (Skill ring needed)
Shadow Focus

Plasma Burst   Plasma Burst (15 seconds)
Leaps into the air and strikes down to create an abyss. 
Inflicts “Dark Burn” status when hit by skill.
This skill can be cast when you are in mid air. 

Dark Burn inflicts 30% of the damage.
Burn lasts for 10 seconds.

Dark Elemental
Level 1: 340%+230
Level 6: 416%+3844
Level 11: 493%+18406
Level 16: 569%+34593
Plasma Burst

Line of Darkness   Line of Darkness (27 seconds cool down)
Using dagger to dash towards and harm enemies.
Press the [Normal Attack Button] to add one more dash. Maximum of 2 dash.
Inflicts “Dark Burn” status when hit by the skill.

Dark Burn inflicts 30% of the damage.
Burn lasts for 10 seconds.

Dark Elemental
Every dash causes
Level 1: 781%+2158
Level 6: 974%+27000
Level 11: 1168%+32420
Line of Darkness

173840zw2lmu63zh5huzk7   Dark Conviction [Level 40 Ultimate] (120 seconds cool down)
Attract abyss chakra from the ground. It will float up and drop back down on enemies.
Dark Convition


Light Fury Skills

173856bq4blqbay0gi64b2   Chakra of Miracle [Level 45 Skill] (60 seconds cool down)
Gives allies the power of the miracle chakra.
Chakra will heal allies for a short duration.

Heals every 1 second. Skill lasts for 3 seconds.
Level 1: 75%+20250
Level 3: 121%+42250
Chakra of Miracle

173845t17d1essn811dbbt   Sunshine Spark (30 seconds)
Leaps into the air and gathers a large ball of chakra and launch it at enemies.
Chakra will deal damage to enemies and explode when it hits the ground. Enemies hit by the chakra will take increased damage for a period of time.

Light Elemental
Every piercing damage increase 5% extra damage. Increases damage taken by 20% when hit.
Level 1: 1257%+15648
Level 6: 1645%+36108
Level 7: 1689%+39641

173847055zcbn5100nrbir   Outbreak EX
Last hit adds an additional 30%
While rushing forward, click [Normal Attack Button] to dodge and jump backward.
When dodged, the chakra will remain there and damage mobs in the area.
Final hit damage 80%.
Outbreak EX

173854etd3qie7h23eq3tb   Chakra of Energy EX
Number of allies heal increase to 3. Added movement speed increased by 50%.
Chakra of Energy EX

1738534vtrxz4l2zgk1x14   Healing of Chakra EX
Adds a damage reduction effect. Damage received while casting this skill is reduced by 50%.
Pressing [Normal Attack Button] can allow you to cast Sunshine Spark.
Healing of Chakra EX

173849lp1mf2h6fy68m8qo   Ring Strike EX
Increases the AoE and attack of Ring Strike.
Damage increased by 30%.
Ring Strike EX

Unbelievable Chakra of Light [Level 65 Passive]
Strengthens light chakras. Increases light attack.
When casting “Outbreak” or “Chakra of Miracle”, physical attack is increased.

Light Attack +10%
Activation: Physical Attack +10, lasts for 10 seconds


Abyss Walker Skills

173849trlpnripwrshhm1n   Incarnation of Dark [Level 45 Skill] (60 seconds cool down)
Using the power of dark chakra, increases own self and allies dark attack for a period of time.

Level 1: Increases 10% to dark attack. Lasts for 30 seconds.
Level 3: Increases 20% to dark attack. Lasts for 30 seconds.
Level 4: Increases 30% to dark attack. Lasts for 30 seconds. (Skill ring needed)
Dark Incarnation

17385032s17m1t7s73bsg7   Nightfall (30 seconds cool down)
Cast a circle of dark chakra around own self.
Enemies in the area will receive damage. Increases damage received while in the area.
When summoning increases 10% damage.

Level 1: 121%+1210, increases damage inside by 10%, max of 20 hits.
Level 1: 160%+3180, increases damage inside by 20%, max of 20 hits.
Level 1: 173%+4217, increases damage inside by 26%, max of 20 hits.
Night Fall

1738528qt2m4yi62ppz00y   Illusion Strike EX
After throwing the knives additional knives are thrown once more.
Every knife adds 30% damage.

Press [Normal Attack Button] to launch the knives in a  linear direction (Like Chaser’s Raindrop skill)
Press [Special Attack Button] to launch the knives in a fan shape (Like Fan of Edge)
Illusion Strike EX

1738512fhdjx9zn623np55   Night Explosion EX
The magic circle explosive damage increases by 30%.
The magic circle will now generate a chakra that sucks enemies.
Chakra that sucks enemies will deal damage up to 12 hits. Every hit is 5%. Total of 60% extra damage.
Night Explosion EX

23 副本.png   Plasma Burst EX
When you hit the ground dark sparks will be generated.
Sparks will add an additional 30% damage. After landing, press [Special Attack Button] to dodge backwards.
The EX will also leave a poison like substance on the ground dealing damage.
Plasma Burst EX

173853tpw6gwgakh1pkmh1   Line of Darkness EX
After the 2nd dash, press the [Normal Attack Button] to produce an additional dash.

Unbelievable Chakra of Abyss [Level 65 Passive]
Strengthens dark chakras. Increases dark attack.
When casting “Illusion Strike and “”Shadow Focus”, physical attack is increased.

Dark Attack +10%
Activation: Physical Attack +10%, lasts for 10 seconds

Happy Gaming~!


32 Responses to [Full Skill Description] Assassin: Bringer

  1. AVL says:


  2. paul says:

    abyss walker…sound like hit then run…..burst damage cant wait!!!!

  3. paul says:

    and the ‘ring of energy’ think its like energy ball of san guko,,hahaha

  4. i need thisssssssssssssssssssssssss

  5. Jacqee says:


  6. Jordan says:

    Resurec tiom skill?….oooh sounds interesting lol mabye they’ll be able to resurect people xD? That would be a first but op…I could see the cd being as long as atleast 300sec if the do..

  7. Lucas says:

    Bringer skil tree (without ultimates), if you need: http://i42.tinypic.com/2ns3r7r.jpg

  8. Is Light Fury a physical based class? or magic? all info only says its light/dark..

    • A.Tempest says:

      All Assasin classes are physical based. No magic based. For their set they have no magical bonus set.

      As for the classes

      Raven is Dark Attack
      Ripper is Fire Attack
      Bringer is Light and Dark attack

      Though when they are a level 47 and below as a bringer they have no elemental attack. Once they advance to their specialization then the EX will add the elemental attack.

      As for Light Fury he has Light and Dark attack when he is a bringer. His skills comprises more of dark attack the light attack skill are little. Advancing to a Bringer means you can stack more light attack.

      As for the Abyss Walker he specializes in dark attack. Even the dark burn mechanism he has also is dark attack based.

  9. Mr. Simple says:

    To A.Tempest, you never let us down when giving new info~~

    Thank you so much…. I’m a newbie in DN and if I may ask, what Dragon Jade would you consider equiping to Raven and Light Fury? Armors, Weapon, and Secondary weapon if you don’t mind sir… it’ll be my first time loading CC and I wanted to use the most of it selling one piece costume then selling to TH… Thanks in advance~~~

    • A.Tempest says:

      Thanks for the component! It’s this kind of compliments that propels me to continue the blog! :)

      As for Dragon Jades I can frankly tell you that I can’t give specifics for the kind you can use with the class you control. There over 20-30 kinds of combinations for the various jades. Even me myself am confused on what jades are really good. Since I stay most of the time in DNSEA, I can’t give the optimal build for this jades until they are released here. I am slowly compiling up stuff on the Dragon Jade released till now in CDN and KDN. So it takes time. I will release the guide roughly next month before the 70 cap arrives.

      So sorry and thanks for waiting! :)

  10. Lucas says:

    When the Chinese server will release Bringer?

  11. KazutoDesu says:

    Hello A.Tempest sir.
    you really are a great source of information precisely.

    May i ask sir? i know this is dumb but im really confused about this bringer class, i mean is it an assassin 2nd/3rd job advancement? or a 3rd job advancement for Ravens? or 3rd job for Rippers? is it playable in DN SEA? giving a job advancement tree as an explanation for assassin’s may be helpful if im not too demanding sir, thankyou in advance!

    • A.Tempest says:

      I am happy to answer you questions. ^^ So no worries. Just ask and I will answer to the best of my knowledge.

      Like all classes we have 4 specialization. I shall break it down into our usual classes so maybe you would understand easier. Take example the sorceress class

      We have Sorceress and the Assassin as the basic job

      Then we advance into a Elemental Lord or Force User at level 15

      For the Assassin will be the Chaser and Bringer at level 15.

      At level 45 we advance into the Elestra and Saleana for the Elemental Lords then the Smasher and Majesty for Force Users.

      Similarly to the Assassin we have the Raven and Ripper for the Chaser side and the Light Fury and Abyss Walker for the Bringer side.

      I hope this is understanding enough. I have the picture somewhere in one of the bringer post. You can try to search it via the blog search bar.

      DNSEA has not released it as of January but speculations are it will be released in March or April. Judging by what I see now February could only be Guild War and some minor adjustments or could even be the release of 70 cap. Then the Assassin release in March or April. :)

  12. Cat says:

    Any idea when SEA server will release Bringer class?

  13. techlloveyan says:

    what does it means global cooldown ?

    • A.Tempest says:

      Means when you have summon the cat you need 5 a later to summon the bear. But when playing in other server I could summon it immediately. So not sure what global cool down means. But in dungeons and nest I think they can be there 100% of the time. No need to resummon

  14. Bash says:

    Huhu they’ll release bringer later. STill I Cant DECIDE wHUT class to GEEEET. SO hard ugh

  15. Why i cant use my bringer skills ? im lvl 26 now pls reply

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