Level 70 Light Fury Guide [T4] PvP/PvE Guide

Light Fury 70 Logo

Light Fury is the next support class to join along side the healers of Dragon Nest. Contrary to popular belief a lot of players still think that Light Fury will replace Saints but I can guarantee you almost 3 months after their release no Saints have complained about them. They are just too overpowered as of the moment that’s all. The Light Fury and the Saint in fact complements each other in nests. If both Saint and Light Fury work well in the nest your party will never need to think about dying.

In my opinion the Light Fury has some really cool skills that allow it to support real well and buff and debuff allies and is a good companion in whatever you do. A Light Fury is supposed to stack on VIT items like an Elestra always remember you are there for support and not damage. Only deal damage if your party has done their burst DPS skills, most of the time you just need to observe and cast summons to help you deal damage throughout the raid.

Cool Time Charging mechanic – This mechanic only applies more to Chaser as Bringers do not use this mechanic except for their Assassin skills. The cool time charge mechanic means that when you allow a skill to cool down twice the time needed it can accumulate the number of times a skill can be used. At level 1,6,11, it will increase the count by 1.

For example like Piercing Star 8 seconds to cool down. So a level 6 Piercing Star when allowed to cool down for 16 seconds you will be able to cast it consecutively for 2 times. Making you be able to deal burst damage. The skills that use this mechanic are Piercing Star and Speedy Cut.

Dark Burn Mechanic – Dark Burn is somewhat similar to the Elemental Lord’s Burn effect. It deals 30% of your physical attack and will activate every 2 seconds so for one skill it can burn the target for 4 times. Every skill in the Abyss Walker skill tree except Shadow Focus will give the burn effect, each lasting for 10 seconds.

Shadow Focus is like the Ignite of the Elemental Lord’s skill, if the target is facing you and has the Dark Burn status then the skill can be activated. It will also blind your opponents in PvE and PvP. For PvP it’s just 1 second but for PvE I guess monsters can;t see you for 5 seconds.


  • One of the best supports we have now in Dragon Nest.
  • Considered DPS but not really needed for damage.
  • AIs are much smarter then Academics.
  • Insufficient MP is no longer a problem for Bringers or other classes.


  • Could be boring as you don’t get to deal damage most of the time.
  • Stacking elemental damage could be hard.
  • SP constraints for your skills.
  • You really need experience to be a good Light Fury.

Bringers can only use Dagger as their main weapon, if you use a Scimitar you would be unable to cast any Bringer skills. All Assassins stack AGI and not STR. STR is their second stat.

The full Bringer skill descriptions are here.

I will not be making a hybrid build for Light Fury as if you are getting a hybrid build you can be neither good in PvE or PvP. As the skills change very thoroughly, that’s the reason why I am only doing pure PvP and pure PvE. Skill build would be written in the point of a pure PvE Light Fury then below I would also show about pure PvP Light Fury build.

PvP Build is really different from the PvE one and I have already explained why I allocated all those SP into those skills. 

Thanks to Hades-sama for telling me the errors. ^^

Happy Gaming~!

Speedy Cut – This skill uses the CTC mechanics though it does not grow good in damage at all. It can just be left at pre-requisite.

Piercing Star – Also uses the CTC mechanics. The piercing effect of the skill is really good and has a freaking long range. In PvP it’s almost half the map, and can hit your opponents. Usually leveled to 11 or 16 to get the three stars and damage. Damage you see on the tool tip is per star.

Dirty Trick – Skill has two stages the throwing dirt which hinders the enemies vision and clicking your Normal Attack button you will leap forward and attack them.

Fan of Edge – One of a skill that has the highest board damage. Throwing it at point blank in front of a large boss will deal all 6 hits to it and the damage is really great. Best at level 11, 16 and 24. Damage on the tool tip is per shuriken, so throwing all 6 deals 6 times the board damage. This skill cannot hit downed targets.

Triple Edge – This skill functions as a few of the escaping skills you have. Throws out 3 knives and pushes your opponent back by a bit. Never get this skill due to SP constraints.

Shadow Hand – Most useless skill ever. Not really sure why anybody will pump SP into this though it’s noted that the super armor break is very high. But it’s still not worth it to level this at all.

Sprint – Acts as a double leap and allows you to maintain air time while being lifted or dodging skills.

Feint – This skill is considered quite a good skill as it’s a life saver. When you are almost dead you will recover 10% of your max HP. When Assassin was released at the start, lot’s of players had wanted to add this due to the cool down reduction but in the end it’s not really very worth it to waste the SP to reduce the cool down. Max level is 7 for the 70 cap and the reduction of cool down is almost by a minute.

Raid – Buffs you and your allies critical damage by 10%. Meaning the critical now allows you to deal 200% but with the buff it can deal 210%. Buff lasts for 300 seconds which is very useful in raids. 8 members dealing critical is almost extra 80% damage.

Tumbling – Tumble a must max skill. Nothing to explain. 

Fake Clog – Level 3. The skill was reduced as the SP for Ripper was a lot and it is constrained. This skill is like the Sorceress Escape skill or Kali Puppet Soul skill. It induces a debuff and enemies within the area will receive critical damage when hit. I have seen mobs being aggro-ed to the barrel in dungeons but it does not say on the tool tip. But I still deduce that it can provoke mobs for a while. Some players do not level this skill to it’s max at all. But as long as you can evade well you can take SP out of this skill and leave it somewhere else.

Aerial Evasion – A must max obvious skill. Nothing to explain here.

Swipe – Leave at pre requisite. It just jams daggers into the mob. Pretty sadistic.

Gore Kick – Left at pre requisite. Just does a kick to knock enemies back.

Circle Gore – Not needed to add at all. Useless skill.

Leap – Not needed to add too.

Smoke – Wake attack of your skill. Must max obviously.


Light Fury Skill Tree

Outbreak   Outbreak – Level 6. The skill is leveled just to get the EX version. This skill is great in PvP and not really in PvE since the DPS is not really great. In my opinion it’s really very hard to aim well if you don’t have a computer with good specs, it will lag your computer for awhile and once the lag is gone the skill is also cast finished.

173855oh9vvr08szmeu06x   Chakra of Energy – Level 11. The skill is a real dilemma to add as even though it has a 15 seconds cool down it heals only you and 2 other party member. It only heals significant health. A Saint can do the healing, this is just for emergency healing.

173857hmy6mvke7700vldv   Ring of Chakra -Level 1. The damage reduction is tempting but it’s not worth the SP at all to get more damage reduction. Most just want the 50% increase in speed. Aiming your cross hair slightly to the left would make the tunnel straight. I have tried, there is no significant end to the tunnel. If it’s a long route it will go all the way and disappear after 10 seconds. You cannot cast it on slopes or heightened terrain. The tunnel will be cut off.

There is a free Illusion Chakra activation if you press the “Special Attack Button” right after the animation of the skill you will cast Illusion Chakra for free. Though skill has been fixed in CDN v200, you guys can test it out when we get ours.

Ringstrike   Ring Strike – Level 15. One of your best DPS skill. All Bringers should get this skill. this skill can deal about 17- 20 hits for a small target. 23 – 30 hits for a boss which has a bigger surface area. This skill has significant damage but the casting time is also very long. You can cancel it by pressing ‘Spacebar’ and it will deal the landing hit which is about 3 – 4 hits.A must have to get skill ring to get it to level 16.

173855nqddu1xnnxdxndn1   Healing of Chakra – Level 13. A skill to must max even if you are a Abyss Walker as it’s the skill that most players would still accept if you want a raid slot. Best if you get the skill ring. It greatly heals MP and solves mana problems for Sorceress that fight along side you in nests or raids. The higher the level the higher attack buff for the whole party. As usual when meditating you cannot do anything at all. You only can observe your surroundings and decide to re summon your clones or animals if needed.

The next part of this skill is that it gives extra attack to your allies within the 5m (non EX) radius, at max level it can give close to 45% extra damage to allies. It can also buff summons, meaning clones, summons, towers, relics and Soul Gate can also be boosted as long as they are within the reach of the skill.

Another understanding about the skill is that the speed plate it have does not increase the movement to levitate fully but the first pulse it will send out to buff allies. Having Spirit Boost will really boost the pulse significantly.

173836qykbf5zefqcnpoa9   Ring of Energy – Level 1. A Saint-like Miracle Relic skill. It also places a debuff area in front which reduces damage taken by 70%. The area also clears up to 10 debuffs. You mostly need it just for the debuff and not the damage. That’s why I left it at level 1.

Abyss Walker Skill Tree

173838ggo62mt23uopp93w   Illusion Strike – Level 1. This skill is also useless and does not deal enough DPS. Though the super armor break is very high and has been nerfed slightly. It can deal up to around 15- 19 full hits. Deals the Dark Burn debuff also. I use this skill and usually combo it together with Shadow Focus since it’s easier to activate.

173836kjja61jxza99c1za   Night Explosion – Level 1. This skill does two hits and it’s a combination with Comet and Blackhole of the Force Users. The first hit deals about 25% of board damage and the second hit is the explosion which will deal 75% of the remaining hit. The first hit will grab mobs within the AOE and they cannot move. You can move the second hit at the last moment before the explosion. For PvP I guess some classes can activate their special escape skill to escape the second hit.

Plasma Burst   Plasma Burst – Level 1. A 15 second cool down Justice Crash. The animation is really cool and has a short invincibility frame in between its transition of the skill. It can deal significant damage to targets and deal dark burn effect. You can activate after using Double Somersault or while lifted into the air. You can also press the hot key directly. Although it will have a shorter distance. Though it does not trigger like Justice Crash in which you can press the ‘Spacebar’ you have to still press the hot skill key. This skill also lands slightly about 5m in front so you must remember the distance before activating.

173838cm8qz3z98df887f3   Shadow Focus – Level 1. Skill can only be activated when your targets are inflicted with Dark Burn. If they are not the skill will cast but will not deal any damage. The skill when activated will blind enemies in PvE for 5 seconds and second for PvP. It will also grab them into the air and attack them. Since I went for Ring Strike so I left Shadow Focus at level to get Line of Darkness.

If they are not looking at you the skill also cannot be activated. 

Line of Darkness   Line of Darkness – Level 13. A warrior like “Linedrive” skill. It can be activated two times and the window period is only – seconds for the second dash. Once after the period you cannot cast the second dash. And in my opinion I find very hard to control the second dash accurately. I usually dash blindly. xD Deals very high burst damage. So it’s worth to level it high regardless of a Light Fury or Abyss Walker.

173840zw2lmu63zh5huzk7   Dark Conviction – Level 2. Ultimate for Abyss Walker and is only great for PvE. It’s useless in PvP. It cast a 360 degree AOE and shoots up to — balls around you and will deal the remaining damage when the balls fall back down. It can deal massive damage to big targets but like in PvP where players are small and single it’s hard to get the damage where the ball falls back down.

This ultimate still depends on whether you want it or not. Since in nests most of the time you could be casting Ring of Energy but the damage for this skill is really too good to not take.

Choices where you would allocate the 4 SP for this skill if you do not want it can be at either the Cat summon or Chakra of Energy.

Buffs, Passives and some skills

Spectral Guise   Spectral Guise – Summons a frontal barrier in front of you. I have not test this skill out before but some have said it can block some skills. Something like Elestra’s Ice Spikes. Useful only in PvP so not needed for this build.

173844jfmjzlss9s6csl8b   Healing of Ajna (Bunny) – Never added due to SP constraint though some players have found that the bunny actually heals more then the Chakra of Energy which can be activated every 15 seconds. Since the bunny lasts on the field as long as it is not killed.

173843l4n46v6jkdnovndl   Bless of Ajna (Bear) – Level 6. A must max skill as it increases your dark attack and light attack. The bear will last on the field forever unless it is killed by bosses. Although it shows the buff time is 30 seconds but as long as the bear is in range the buff will refresh itself. Though tool tip says there is a global cool down of 5 seconds while playing in TWDN I could summon the bear and cat 1 second after the other is done.

173843ldcd17qdr27q5r72   Pact of Ajna (Cat) – Level 1. This skill is one of the skills you will use while you are meditating in the nest or raids. SP constraints are a big problem if you want to level the cat. Cat will throw the big shuriken that usually does the best DPS and has the biggest AoE. The cat will not die as long it’s not attacked by mobs.

173857v1y31gg5nusopug3   Summon Shadow – Level 2. A must max skill, summons two more clones of you which will be attacking anything they see in their vision. xD Or unless you give them a target when you mark it with Illusion Chakra. The summons will last for 15 seconds (level 2) and you will also have to buff them if you want to increase their damage. When your summons use the Abyss Walker skills they cannot give the Dark Burn debuff. Only the skills you cast can.

The summons at level 2 can also cast the EX version of either skills. which makes it really broken. I guess that will be fixed soon if Eyedentity wants to.

The summons can use Outbreak, Ring Strike, Plasma Burst and Line of Darkness. Note that in PvP the summon is only 1 and I have tested it, it can only cast 2 skills before disappearing. Having it at level 2 will add 2.5 seconds more to the summon and let you cast one more skill.

173841bd61va11xcmx4brd   Chakra Cure – Level 10. A must max skill to make sure you can debuff your allies in need. This can substitute as the emergency Cure Relic for the party. Every increase in level reduces the cool down by 5 seconds. So there is the need to get this skill to level 10. Cures only up to 10 debuff whereas when compared to the Cure Relic as long as the Relic refreshes every debuff gets cured.

Note that this skill is unlike Cure Relic EX if you are frozen, time stopped you can activate it but nothing will happen so do not cast it as you would only waste it and the skill will go into cool down. You only can activate it if you can move smoothly.

Chakra Punch – Not needed. This skill used to be together with Illusion Chakra but was split because Illusion Chakra had too many options. There is no need to waste 1 SP to get this skill. This skill allows you to tumble and whack your opponent immediately after it.

173842arig0hssmzqqk9pq   Illusion Chakra – Level 1. This skill is pretty need should you want to escape quickly. It has 2 options, one to escape and one to mark. I shall explain the escape option first. You can leave it in the hot key or just use Tumble and space bar.

Escape option can be triggered via the Tumble skill or space bar to teleport in that direction. I have not tested it whether during that blink period are you invincible but I am pretty sure you are.

Mark option can be triggered after you cast the skill and press the “Normal Attack Button”, once you punch the target all your summons (Cat and Clones) will specifically hit that target.

Light Fury Skills

173856bq4blqbay0gi64b2   Chakra of Miracle – It’s really a miracle burst of heal for members in the party. It lasts for 3 seconds and has a cool down of 60 seconds.

173845t17d1essn811dbbt   Sunshine Spark – The ball actually take a bit of time to land but the debuff is great as it increase the damage of the inflicted target by 20% for a period of time. Casting animation is a tad bit slow, so a movement speed plate for this skill is recommended.

Unbelievable Chakra of Light – Level 1. This is your level 65 passive. While casting “Outbreak” and “Chakra of Energy” it will buff you for 10 seconds and gives the buff of adding 10% Light Attack and Physical Attack.

173847055zcbn5100nrbir   Outbreak EX – Level 1. Skill will now allow you to dodge out of it. But if you dodge you will not let the 80% of the damage hit the target. EX adds extra 30% damage to the whole skill.

173854etd3qie7h23eq3tb   Chakra of Energy EX – Level 1. Can cure you and 2 other members now and also buffs your movement speed by 50% which will last for 3 seconds.

173849lp1mf2h6fy68m8qo   Ring Strike EX – Level 1. The AoE of Ring Strike is significantly improved and deals really imba damage. xD

1738534vtrxz4l2zgk1x14   Chakra of Healing EX – Level 1. The radius is now increased to 7m and also gives the 50% damage reduction buff. Also clicking “Normal Attack Button” at any point of the skill will allow you to cast Sunshine Spark to debuff targets.

Pure PvE Skill Build

Light Fury Level 70 Pure PvE Skill Build 1Light Fury Level 70 Pure PvE Skill Build 2Light Fury Level 70 Pure PvE Skill Build 3

Pure PvP Skill Build

Changes made:

  • Fan of Edge has been removed and level 18 Piercing Star is added.
  • I have took both MP and MP Recovery because you may not be able to meditate in solo PvP.
  • Level 16 Outbreak for the burst damage.
  • Chakra of Energy is level 6 for some burst healing for yourself should you want.
  • I left Chakra of Healing at level 6 for some healing and buff should you play group PvP. Should you not like group PvP the 5 SP can be removed and allocated to Chakra of Energy to level 11.
  • Ring of Energy for the damage or area depends on you.
  • Spectral Guise for that small defense.
  • I had extra SP so it you can either put it in Night Explosion or Plasma Burst. I prefer Plasma Burst more because of the fast casting animation.
  • Chakra of Cure is at level 1 as I find there is no need to max it since most of the time you would not really need it in PvP.
  • I had actually let the cat summon to be max level but if you do not want it you can allocate the 6 SP to maybe one of the level 6 Abyss Walker skill.
  • Dark Conviction is not added as I find it real worthless in PvP. It’s close to zero chance your ultimate will hit anyone.

Light Fury Level 70 Pure PvP Skill Build 1Light Fury Level 70 Pure PvP Skill Build 2 Light Fury Level 70 Pure PvP Skill Build 3 

15 Responses to Level 70 Light Fury Guide [T4] PvP/PvE Guide

  1. joshjay says:

    Nice work with your build, i might follow this one depending what class i pick xD

  2. Hades-sama says:

    A.Tempest, some mistakes:
    “Dark Burn: it can burn the target for 4 times…” actually, is 5 times in 10 seconds, every 2 seconds.

    “Chakra of Energy – it heals only you and 1 other party member” actually, it heals you and 2 other party members, EX version heals you and 3 other party members.

    “Summon Shadow – Level 2. The summons will last for 10 seconds” actually, in level 1 they last for 10 seconds, but in level 2 they last for 15 seconds. Another interesting info: In level 2 they will use EX versions of Light Fury skills (Outbreak EX and Ring Strike EX), Plasma Burst EX and Line of Darkness EX even if you are a Light Fury!!! The same with Abyss Walker.

    “The summons can use Outbreak, Illusion Strike, Plasma Burst, Ring Strike, Plasma Burst and Line of Darkness.” They use just Outbreak, Plasma Burst, Ring Strike and Line of Darkness. 4 skills. =/

    “Chakra Cure – Note that this skill is unlike Cure Relic EX if you are frozen, time stopped you cannot activate it you only can activate it if you can move smoothly.” Just another thing, you CAN activate this skill when you’re frozen but nothing will happen. Take care when you see a bright icon in Chakra Cure when you’re frozen, don’t use it.

    Ring of Chakra – A “secret” in this skill: after activating this, press the right button to dash forward with a illusion of chakra animation.

    “Chakra Miracle – It lasts for seconds and has a cool down of 60 seconds” Lasts for 3 seconds and refresh every 1 second. It does 3 burst heals.

    Just this, nice guide. But for pure PVE, I would get level 11 Line of Darkness, level 11 Ring Strike and Level 17 Chakra of Energy (with a +3% heal plate) for more support. ^^

    • A.Tempest says:

      I checked. It burned the enemy for 4 times. The 5th time didn’t came out.

      The till tip reflects wrong. I saw Sieg also say that it can heal you and one other player. EX you and 2 other players.

      Yeah the summon part I read it somewhere but couldn’t re confirm it. Thanks for telling me. I was also junking if Illusion Strike could be used by them apparently not.

      For the Chakra Cure yeah I forget to mention that.

      Ring of Chakra secret activation fixed as of CDN v200. You can no longer do that. Though I am not sure if we would receive that. Seems to be a bug not a feature.

      • Hades-sama says:

        Only 4 times? If you count 10 seconds, activating every 2 seconds, will be 5 times. But I’ll test this to confirm.

        And Chakra of Energy can heal you and 2 others, I tested it (I have an Abyss Walker for 4 weeks and I use it a LOOOOT in nests D: ). EX version of CoE can heal the caster and 3 other party members, a good skill for nest (heal the whole party), but for raids, just in emergency cases.

        I learned this about Chakra Cure in the hardest way. =( But you can use this skill before you get hit by poison/freeze, in Professor K. you can dispell his poison with Chakra Cure.

        Ring of Chakra it’s probably a bug, but let’s wait and see.

      • A.Tempest says:

        Yeah. I know that. But I tested it on a mob it burned for 4 times. On the fifth it just disappeared. Not sure why.

        As for Chakra of Energy I shall edit it again.


  3. WW Here says:

    Hello, Just want to know, where can i use that kind of skill simulator! Thanks! :)

  4. wincel says:

    light fury is magic attack or attack pow? wat element light fury?

  5. wincel says:

    is see attack power, AGI & light element.. ty sir :)

  6. Otaku says:

    Since it’s 2015 now, ur guild still the best for light fury pve & pvp and what about best items for light fury

  7. Otaku says:

    I meant still the best or there are changes ?

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