DNSEA 980.Mark Patch

As like what I said that we should be having the 1000.mark patch in May apparently DNSEA made it to be in April making it the 980.mark patch. Brilliant move there. lol. Like every mark patch new changes will be made to loads of stuff. UI changes will be a lot so be prepared to see DNSEA releasing what DN EU had just released this month for them.

The last day of the patch should usually be cosmetic and cash changes. Maybe we could be receiving the new hair and clothes for our character creation.

Prediction I have:

  • Mist Nest
  • Guild UI change
  • Screen UI change
  • Defense of Saint Haven
  • Every class balancing
  • Colosseum AI mode
  • Signal Range UI
  • DWC 2014


Yes Bringer is finally released. Guides and information about him below.

Information for skills: http://wp.me/p3rn5M-k7

Light Fury Skill Build: http://wp.me/p3rn5M-HR

Abyss Walker Skill Build: http://wp.me/p3rn5M-HT


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26/03/2014 KDN Balancing


Gladiators and Moonlords have received their damage boost and both I guess are now equally on par and I feel Moonlords would hopefully be now accepted into raids. Bringers and Chasers get a nerf in PVP. :/


Magical Attack Mastery
– [PVE, PVP] When attacking with a magic skill, buff will be applied,  increases magical attack based on INT.
– When the buff activates 1 INT will equal to 1.6 Magical Attack, buff cannot be stacked and will last for 5 seconds. No cool down though, so can be activated every time you use the magic skills.
– TWDN only added 1 INT equal to 0.8 Magic Attack instead of the usual 1.6.

Cyclone Slash EX
– [PVE] Debuff duration increases from 1sec to 5sec.

Crescent Cleave
– [PVE] Damage increase 40%



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Level 70 Abyss Walker Guide [T4] PvP/PvE Guide

Abyss Walker 70 Logo

Abyss Walkers are the next Bringer class that can deal both DPS and support. Depending on the skills you allocate will also depend on the role he will play as a Abyss Walker. If you are really into PvE then I suggest buying the dual skill tree and just making them one Support and one Damage build. The both builds will determine if you can heal in the nest or raid.

Abyss Walkers can DPS and deal insane amount of damage but what they cannot do is what the Light Fury can do. Light Furies will still outshine them just that he is more versatile and can deal both damage and support if he wants but still remember if you are playing Support please play as one and not start dealing damage in the middle of the nest.

Bringers can only use Dagger as their main weapon, if your use a Scimitar you would be unable to cast any Bringer skills. All Assassins stack AGI and not STR. STR is their second stat.

Cool Time Charging mechanic – This mechanic only applies more to Chaser as Bringers do not use this mechanic except for their Assassin skills. The cool time charge mechanic means that when you allow a skill to cool down twice the time needed it can accumulate the number of times a skill can be used. At level 1,6,11, it will increase the count by 1.

For example like Piercing Star 8 seconds to cool down. So a level 6 Piercing Star when allowed to cool down for 16 seconds you will be able to cast it consecutively for 2 times. Making you be able to deal burst damage. The skills that use this mechanic are Piercing Star and Speedy Cut.

Dark Burn Mechanic – Dark Burn is somewhat similar to the Elemental Lord’s Burn effect. It deals 30% of your physical attack and will activate every 2 seconds so for one skill it can burn the target for 4 times. Every skill in the Abyss Walker skill tree except Shadow Focus will give the burn effect, each lasting for 10 seconds.

Shadow Focus is like the Ignite of the Elemental Lord’s skill, if the target is facing you and has the Dark Burn status then the skill can be activated. It will also blind your opponents in PvE and PvP. For PvP it’s just 1 second but for PvE I guess monsters can;t see you for 5 seconds.


  • Considered DPS but not really needed for damage.
  • Not really discriminated due to the role he plays.
  • Stacking dark attack is really easy.
  • AIs are much smarter then Academics.
  • Insufficient MP is no longer a problem for Bringers or other classes.
  • Good for PvP as EX really helps in chaining skills together.


  • Could be boring as you don’t get to deal damage most of the time.
  • SP constraints for your skills.
  • Takes experience to be a real good Abyss Walker.

Bringers can only use Dagger as their main weapon, if you use a Scimitar you would be unable to cast any Bringer skills. All Assassins stack AGI and not STR. STR is their second stat.

The full Bringer skill descriptions are here.

I will not be making a hybrid build for Abyss Walker as if you are getting a hybrid build you can be neither good in PvE or PvP. I will be splitting builds into Pure PvE Damage Skill Build, Pure PvE Support Skill Build and Pure PvP Skill Build.  

PvP Build is really different from the PvE one and I have already explained why I allocated all those SP into those skills. 

Explanation will be done in the point of view from the Pure PvE Damage Skill Build. 

Thanks to Hades-sama for telling me the errors. ^^

Happy Gaming~!

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[Full Skill Description] Assassin: Bringer


– Bringer is the guide of light and darkness. He has 2 faces, light and dark.
– Light Fury, proficient in the use of the inner good’s power. Judges enemies with the powers of light and fury. Light Fury uses Light based attacks.
– Abyss Walker, proficient in the use of the inner darkness’ power. The conqueror of the abyss who inflicts pain to his enemies. Abyss Walker are using Dark based attacks.

From Halfsugar the Bringer class is similar to the Screamers, Light Fury is very PvE based and Abyss Walker is very PvP based like the Dark Summoner.

Bringer’s use a mechanism called the Dark Burn. The dark burn status will be inflicted to enemies when they are attacked by skills from the Abyss Walker side. In PvE the burn will inflict 30% of the final damage and in PvP 10% of it.

Skill names are using Taiwan server’s data so it may change in DNSEA or CDN.

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18/12/2013 KDN Patch Notes


KDN has updated its content to include the Black Dragon Nest and the new class Bringer. The Christmas events has also been included into the game. I have translated most of what I can find on the forums but for the Alteria Exploration Season 3 and the christmas events will be translated in the afternoon. Since it’s not so important. The patch notes for the blank ones will still be included but I will update it once I am done with it. Be patient. :)

Assassin full skill descriptions will also be done hopefully by today. T_T. I need a break first. :X

Happy Reading~!

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ThisIsGame Interview with Eyedentity Part II


Apparently this was another part of the interview or a second interview after the previous one which you can read here. Some info would have been together with the last post I released as the Bringer information. So if it repeats you can skip the part where you have read before.

Anyways as usual bracketed comments are mine. :)

Happy Reading~!

Question: What kind of design concept does Black Dragon Nest use?

Answer: The story starts from the part where Red Dragon Peta obtains the Black Dragon Jewel and attack Saint Haven. The reason for making the setting a destroyed Saint Haven was to let players play in a familiar environment yet having a new and fresh feeling to that place.

Answer: In the summer didn’t we rebuilt Saint Haven? The designers who were involved in the rebuilding were also involved with the Black Dragon project. You can say they build it with their own hands and also “destroyed” it with their own hands. While going through the nest you can see the process of Saint Haven being slowly destroyed.


Question: After the release of the Black Dragon will it affect Saint Haven?

Answer: Saint Haven won’t change much, it’s impossible to let all players experience the Black Dragon map. The nest was made for the end game player content, so its not feasible to affect other players progress in game.

Question: In the Developer’s Black Dragon Meeting there was a cannon item, is it to help players in the nest to attack the dragon?

Answer: No, the cannons can’t be used to directly attack, it can only be used at selected stages. If the cannons are allowed to be fired directly then it will affect the balance of the classes, so it’s best to not touch on this topic.

Question: Exactly how hard is the Black Dragon?

Answer: On a whole the nest is almost as hard as the Desert Dragon, The amount of stages is about the same. But the Black Dragon will be more stronger then the Desert Dragon but the elemental resistance will be lower.
(Let’s hope it’s much much lower. ==)

Question: What makes the Black Dragon special?

Answer: He has been made to be very handsome, players can see from it and link it to the story. The chest of the black dragon would show Peta’s chest plate and the claws would feature Peta’s rings.
On the black dragon you can see traces of the red dragon Peta.


The chest and rings will also have a glowing effect, at first we just wanted to set the ring to glow as a mechanism to warn players to avoid the black dragon’s skills but when we made it and found out in the testing phase that at certain angles you could not see the effect. Therefore the mechanism was scrapped.

The black dragon’s size is almost similar to the desert dragon, though his height is taller then the desert dragon. Wings are also a little bigger then the desert dragon.

Almost a week was wasted in designing the wings.

Question: When fighting the Black Dragon what must we look out for?

Answer: One of the dragon skill is the “Dragon’s Breath”. To make this perfect it troubled us for a long time.
To counter this mechanism, players would have to activate something and at the same time need teamwork from allies in the party.

Question: What is the concept of the 2nd job advancement Bringer?

Answer: Bringer’s 2nd job advancement are the Light Fury and Abyss Walker. Using Assassin’s concept as a light based healing skills are the Light Fury, the Abyss Walker’s specialty are dark based attacks. Though many players feel that Assassin that can heal don’t really fit it but we can assume that since Dragon Nest Assassin’s use ninjitsu therefore healing is not really that weird.

Question: What kind of job is the Light Fury?

Answer: To make it simple, Light Fury is a high risk high return class. He is differnt from Saints, although he has big limitations but he can be a better support to allies.

A Light Fury must be able to judge when he is needed to attack and when is he supposed to support.

Right now, Saints are a must have class in nests and with this some classes are rejected in nests.
(This phrase ^ is weird, so sorry.)
They are also trying to reduce the population of Saints overcrowding.
(Whut!? Finding a Saint for my nest runs are like the hardest thing in my server.)
When Light Fury is added, this new healer would hopefully make new line ups in parties.

Question: What is the Light Fury’s most interesting skill?

Answer: It’s the chakra healing skill. When the skill is activated the Light Fury will meditate and levitate into the air, while in the air allies will receive a strong buff, the price is that while the skill is active the Light Fury cannot attack.
The skill can be active till its off by the player. While in the air the Light Fury can avoid attacks that are direct on the ground for example stomps from the mobs.

Question: What kind of job is the Abyss Walker?

Answer: It’s the opposite of the Light Fury. His class mastery is easy and there is not much combos. Burst damage class.

He can also summon objects to aid him in battles.
Summoned objects are divided into three categories, Attack, Defense and Support. To make the summon classes individual specialization was very hard.

Most players would be able to see from the appearance of the summoned objects what kind of specialization and skill it will have.

Question: What is the Abyss Walker’s most interesting skill?

Answer: There is a skill called “Line of Darkness”. It’s equivalent of using the Swordmaster skill “Line Drive” 3 times due to the charge cool down mechanism.
He can also clone himself, this clones can be used as summoned objects and can attack specific targets. The original concept was to make the summons like the Academics but it seemed useless, therefore we made it like an AI based summon.
(Academics. Hmmmm….)

Though Assassins brings a very big Japan feeling but the Abyss Walker won’t be much of that. In the skill animation of the Abyss Walker we have added chinese characters, the effects were not bad. For players who understand chinese characters it would be very easy to understand the meaning behind his skills.

Question: Lastly before the black dragon release is there any message for players?

Answer: The last conference we had with players and agreed tot he changes that would be made, much were not accomplished. In the Black Dragon update, we have also balanced the classes and simplified the Dragon Jade system.

We are really sorry that players have waited for a long time. We will use actions to prove to players that we are really trying to solve this problems. We will closely look at the website and media for the problems in game.


A Tad Bit More About Bringer


As we all know Black Dragon Nest and the Bringer update is due tomorrow and till to date KDN has not released any patch notes on it. But be assured from what I read on the forums tonight around 8pm I guess Korea time Actozsoft will release the patch notes. I am working tonight so I guess maybe only tomorrow would the translated patch notes be done for the chinese ones then I can start on the english ones.

New info about the Bringer has been told by Halfsugar and would explain s0me of the questions many of us are wondering.

Those in brackets as usual would be my own comments. Those in red it’s Halfsugar’s comments.

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